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LNP Form

Local Number Portability Form

The purpose of this form is to help customers migrate a working phone number from the existing carrier to Helix Telecom.

Some additional information:

  • Do not cancel service with your previous carrier. Helix Telecom will notify you in writing when it is safe to cancel service with your previous carrier.
  • Complete a new Port Request Form for each number you would like to move to Helix Telecom. Do not include multiple numbers on the same form.
  • Do not leave any fields blank except where indicated.
  • Please be sure to have the latest copy of your most recent phone bill from your current phone company in PDF format and ready for upload.
  • Helix Telecom cannot process incomplete requests.
This form should take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete.

The fee to port phone numbers from another carrier to Helix Telecom is $10 per number. This fee will be billed to your account. If you need a custom quote or discount volume pricing to port more than 3 phone numbers please contact the Sales Department by calling (855) 219-2700 x1, chatting online at or by emailing for assistance.

Terms of Service

Contact Information

If we have questions about your port request form then we may contact you by phone or email. Please provide us your contact information in the form below.

Do not enter a phone number being ported on this page. In the event we experience difficulty porting your number we may need to reach you via an alternative means.

Customer Service Record

The information below will be used by your current carrier to confirm ownership of your account.

If you would like to guarantee a smooth port request please contact your current carrier and verify all information found on this form matches the loosing carrier's Customer Service Record.

If your invoice is sent to a mailing address different from your service address, you recently moved or the number you would like to port is a remote forwarding number then contact your current carrier and obtain the physical service address of the phone number you are attempting to port. This physical address may be the Central Office address.

Customer Service Record

Usage Type

Number Type

Helix Telecom offers voice phone service, virtual fax service (send and receive faxes from your computer) and fax adapter service (for use with a traditional fax machine). Please select the type of service you are requesting for the ported phone number.

Fax Configuration

Helix Telecom fax numbers can be delivered to multiple fax machines and email addresses

  • If you would like incoming faxes sent converted to PDF and emailed too you please enter the email addresses below. If you need incoming faxes delivered to more than 5 email addresses please skip this section and contact Customer Support for assistance configuring faxes after your number has ported.
  • If you would like incoming faxes delivered to your fax machine in addition to the email addresses below please check the appropriate box.
  • Please note incoming faxes may be delivered to both email addresses and fax machines. If your fax machine is busy or does not answer and no email address is specified below then undelivered faxes will be deleted.
If you do not wish to receive incoming faxes on this number please skip this section.


Copy of Invoice

Helix Telecom will submit your port request to your current carrier as soon as possible. If any of the information you provided does not match the CSR then your carrier will reject your port request and ask for a copy of your most recent invoice to authenticate your account. For faster service please send us a full copy of your most recent invoice to Helix Telecom for inclusion in your port request. If your port request is canceled by your current carrier because we did not include a copy of your most recent invoice then you may need to submit a new port request and pay a new port fee for each number to be ported.

The most recent invoice from your current carrier must be in the following format:

  • PDF format only.
  • The entire invoice must be clear, legible, visible and unobstructed.
  • The invoice must contain your company name, account number and list of phone numbers to be ported.
  • The invoice must not be more than 45 days old.
Please email the invoice to Our staff will automatically match the invoice to your port request form after it is submitted.


I hereby acknowledge that I understand how to access the Helix Telecom Equipment Rental Agreement ("TOS") by viewing any Helix Telecom invoice dated after December 15, 2012, clicking DOCUMENTS from the menu. I understand that I have downloaded and familiarized myself with the contents of this TOS. I understand clicking CHECKING THIS BOX CONSTITUTES MY ACCEPTANCE below constitutes acceptance of the TOS. I do hereby appoint Helix Telecom of Cheyenne, Wyoming as my agent to act for me in any lawful way with respect to porting and ownership of any direct inward dial number as defined on this form. Helix Telecom may complete and sign any Letter of Agency on my behalf and such signature shall have the same force as my own. I agree my authority and consent shall not be revoked. I agree submitting a Helix Telecom Port Request Form for a number I do not own is a violation of federal law punishable by fine and incarceration. I agree all information on this form is correct, accurate and complete. I agree I will print a copy of this form for my records.

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