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Account Activation Form

Welcome to the Helix Telecom Activation Form

We appreciate your business!

Setting up a new phone system requires time and patience. The average time required to complete this questionnaire is approximately 5 minutes. This questionnaire is designed to obtain all the information necessary to setup your account, create extensions and ship any equipment.

You will receive a confirmation when this form has been successfully submitted. Do not close your browser window until receiving a confirmation message.

If you need assistance with any portion of this questionnaire please call (855)219-2700 x1 or click here. A member of the Sales Department would be happy to assist you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Terms & Conditions

In an effort to keep costs low Helix Telecom provides very limited technical assistance for internal networks including installation or configuration of ISP modems/routers, customer supplied routers, switches or cabling. If you are not comfortable connecting your new phones to the internet and would like a referral from Helix Telecom to a network technician in your area who can assist you then please call the Helix Telecom Sales Department at (855)219-2700 before completing this form.

You agree to the following as a condition of submitting this form:

  • I am capable of communicating in English. I understand Helix Telecom support is limited to written English.
  • I promise to read all information sent to me before contacting Helix Telecom.
  • I agree and understand Helix Telecom does not offer any technical assistance at time of installation except to activate and configure my phone system.
  • I understand this offer of assistance does not extend to internet connection issues, internal wiring issues or connectivity issues. I agree to retain and make available a qualified network technician at the time of installation to resolve any connectivity issues during the installation process.
  • If I ordered equipment then Helix Telecom will send me a tracking number with estimated delivery date. I agree to visit and schedule my installation at least 1 day in advance.
  • I have downloaded, read, understood and agree to the Helix Telecom Terms of Service found at I understand a PDF version of the Terms of Service is found below as a downloadable attachment. I am a duly authorized representative of the commercial entity purchasing and installing Helix Telecom equipment. I understand and agree my commercial entity is also bound by the Helix Telecom Terms of Service found at

Do you agree to these Terms and Conditions?
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Your Invoice Number

Please enter or copy/paste your 8 digit order number or 6 digit ticket number emailed to you:

Account Information

Setup Authorized Users

Please enter a list of Authorized Users you would like included on your account. Authorized Users will receive copies of all invoices. Authorized Users may also cancel service, transfer service to a third party, add service, incur charges, make account changes and access billing information about this account. Only trusted individuals should be included as an Authorized User on your account.

The email address found on your invoice will be automatically included as an Authorized User on your account. This Authorized User can be removed by calling Helix Telecom Sales Department at (855)219-2700 within 30 days.

All requests for account changes must include the account pin selected below or must originate from one of the email addresses shown below. In case one or more of your email addresses becomes inaccessible or undeliverable please be sure to include both business and personal email addresses from more than one email provider.

The following providers are known to reject or delete Helix Telecom messages before being delivered:

  • GoDaddy hosted email services;
  • Microsoft mail services including and;
  • Yahoo consumer mail services such as;
  • AT&T consumer email services including;

Optional Pin Code

Optionally you may select a numeric pin code to authenticate you or your staff when making account changes. If you would like to select a numeric pin code please enter the numeric pin code below. For added security leave the following field blank.

Anyone with your pin code may cancel service, transfer service to a third party, add service, incur charges, make account changes and access billing information about this account. Only share your pin code with trusted individuals. If your pin code is compromised please contact the Support Department immediately to replace your pin code.

Please enter your numeric pin code between 4 and 10 digits long:

Select a Caller ID..

You may now choose what number should appear on the receiving party's phone when calling from your Helix Telecom equipment.

  • If you have an existing number with another company then enter it below.
  • If you need to order a new phone number then leave the field below blank. You will receive a Welcome Email after your account is created. You must have an active account to order phone numbers.
  • If you do not wish to set a CallerID for outbound calls then leave the field below blank.
  • If you need to set different CallerID numbers on each phone then leave the field blank. You may contact the Helpdesk Department after your account is created to update CallerID numbers on a per-extension basis.

Mailing List

Helix Telecom posts all outages, notifications and policy changes online at

Would you like to subscribe to receive email notifications when there is a posted outage or Helix Telecom substantially updates our policies, pricing or features?

Future Number Porting

Helix Telecom does not offer number porting in all areas.

If you are interested in porting your number to Helix Telecom in the future then please enter a list of your phone number(s) below. Our staff will review your numbers for portability and pricing.

If your numbers do not qualify for porting or our lowest available pricing then a member of our staff will contact you before completing your order.

Numbers you may wish to port to Helix Telecom in the future:

Additional Information

All Done

Thank you for completing the Helix Telecom Activation Form.

If you are finished completing this form simply click the CREATE TICKET button below. You should receive an email confirmation within a few minutes. If you do not receive an email confirmation please visit and choose the option to chat with our Helpdesk Department during normal business hours.


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