Welcome to Helix Telecom!

Customer Support

If you need account customization or technical support please choose one of these support options:

Account Details https://fixmyphonesystem.com/login.php
Ticket Portal https://fixmyphonesystem.com/login.php
Chat Support http://helpchat.fixmyphonesystem.com/
Phone Support https://schedule.helixtelecom.com

Standard hours of operation:

Support Hours Weekdays 4am-5pm PST*
Emergency Hours 24 Hours/Day*

Paid phone support is available for customer supplied hardware or software including softphones by calling (855) 219-2700 during normal business hours.

Sales Department

If you need to place an order or check the status of an existing order:

Phone Orders Call (855)219-2700
Online Orders https://mynewphonesystem.com
Contact Email sales@helixtelecom.com
Online Chat https://mynewphonesystem.com/chat
Sales Hours Daily 9am-9pm PST
New Payment
Portal Broken?
Call (855)219-2700
or Click Here

Helpful Links

Here are additional links you may find helpful:

Customer Documentation & Phone Instructions
Current System Status & Outage Notifications

Common Q&A

Common questions and answers are found here:

How do I view my account details online?
How do I search for a new phone number?
How do I port a phone number to Helix Telecom?
How do I forward calls?
Where can I find the Activation Form?
Where can I find a list of Feature Codes?
Where can I find International Calling rates?
How do I setup an IVR or Auto Attendant?

Share Your Desktop

Here are links to share your desktop if requested by a staff member:

Windows XP, 7, 8.x, 10
Alternative Operating Systems
Download Diagnostic Software

* Date and Times are subject to change without notice. Support hours are extended Thursdays and Fridays but specific times are not posted. Call Center & SIP Trunk customers must submit support requests minimum one hour before close of business for same day service. Infrastructure Department monitors open support requests for system wide outages and emergencies but may not respond to individual requests.